More Autumn Gala

The SVR Autumn Gala features goods trains and all night running of passenger trains. Due to a few operational issues the goods ended up waiting, as just like in steam days, passengers had priority over general goods. This one ended up sitting in Bewdley station as the light faded.

Severn Valley Autumn Gala

Probably the biggest annual heritage railway gala in the UK, with up to tweleve locos in steam, overnight running, goods trains, art exhibitions and lots more. Thousands of rail enthusiasts from all over Britain attend, many trains are standing room only. Here’s a few images from Friday evening and Saturday morning, before the crowds gather.

Spring Gala SVR

Here’s a few images from the Severn Valley Railway’s spring Gala. Lots of tank engines, a busy service, even a goods train rattling through the stations. Plus loads of stalls, real ale bars and more. On all weekend. More at the SVR website