World Railways 1961

Here’s a few samples of pages from the 1961/62 “World Railways” published by Sampson Low. The directory was published from the early 1950’s until the late 1060’s when it was taken over by Jane’s publishing, and still continues as Jane’s World Railways. This copy is from the British Rail Technical Library in London. The directory… Read More World Railways 1961

The Fugitive train crash

If you’ve ever watched “The Fugitive” with Harrison Ford you will, no doubt, remember the train crash. No models involved, all full size, some of it is still on location. It was filmed on a private/heritage railroad, the Great Smoky Mountains Railroad. Though their website barely mentions it You can see it on Google Maps:

Art of the Hamburg U-Bahn

The Hamburg U-Bahn (metro) is part of a comprehensive public transport network serving Hamburg, Norderstedt and Ahrensburg. Although U-bahn means underground, most of the stations are overground. Opened in 1912, it is run by The Hamburger Verkehrsverbund (HVV) (“Hamburg Transport Association”), with a total of 91 stations on 4 lines, covering 66 route miles. The network is… Read More Art of the Hamburg U-Bahn