Newnham Bridge Station

Something of a rarity, a virtually complete set of station buildings that aren’t derelict, or lived in. Newnham Bridge is in Worcestershire, on the disused Bewdley-Tenbury Wells-Woofferton line. That’s the line which used to join the Severn Valley Railway just north of Bewdley station – you can still see the bridge pillars in the river if you look west as you leave Bewdley station.

There’s an excellent history of the line in “Lost Railways of Herefordshire and Worcestershire” by Leslie Oppitz. (Author of many of the “Lost Railways” series)

The line was opened in 1861-64, and closed 100 years later in stages between 1961-64. During its working life, Newnham Bridge was a busy station, especially in the fruit season, this being an area well known for fruit and hops.

The station survived as a garden centre through the end of the 20th century until sometime around 2006, and it has recently been sold, rumour has it, to a housing association. It’s currently empty with no signs of renovation, further rumours are that the main station building will be demolished, the smaller one on the platform will be saved, but at the time or writing I can’t find out any further details. And yes that’s a 10ton box van body lurking in the undergrowth.

It’s under Malvern Hills District Council planning area, so if you want to keep an eye out for planning applications, their site can he reached here

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