Rail Motor Cars

An unexpected purchase last week included volumes 3 & 4 of ‘Modern Railway Working’ dated 1913. The in depth and diverse articles included civil engineering subjucts such as tunnelling, bridges etc and station lighting, along with motive power, workshop practice etc. Here’s the article on Rail Motor cars. At the time they were a new… Read More Rail Motor Cars

Steam at York

A short clip of The Scarborough Spa Express leaving York on Thursday 24th September. A slightly unconventional angle from the footbridge north of the station as LMS Jubilee class 5699 Galatea (renumbered as 45562 ‘Alberta’) leave for Scarborough. The tour is operated by West Coast Railways as a regular trip. For a list of most… Read More Steam at York

World Railways 1961

Here’s a few samples of pages from the 1961/62 “World Railways” published by Sampson Low. The directory was published from the early 1950’s until the late 1060’s when it was taken over by Jane’s publishing, and still continues as Jane’s World Railways. This copy is from the British Rail Technical Library in London. The directory… Read More World Railways 1961